Are you ready for winter?

Does your dog love winter, cold and snow or is she rather inside the house under a cozy blanket? Either way, winter is here and we are here to give some useful tips on how to get through it. 

Avoiding cold

Depending on your dog's breed, age and fitness level it is a good idea to be ready for the cold. Older dogs and dogs with shorter hair may need a sweater or even a coat during the colder months. Large breeds and fit puppies can also easily catch cold after going out from the warm house. My tip for you is to make them wear a coat at the beginning of the walk and later you can remove it if your fur baby warms up while playing or running. 

Coats are available already in the same high tech materials as humans’ winter coats. Waterproof and windproof versions are the best. 

Here are some of our favourites :


Tricking frostbite 

Another important point to keep in mind is a high likelihood of frostbites. Frostbite always impacts ears, paws and tail first and may cause serious pain later for your fur baby. What is very tricky with frostbite is that it is not visible or obvious immediately. Look for signs like cold skin, grey skin tone or thickened skin. 

How to avoid then? 

There are already fantastic products that protect the ears. Also boots are a good idea to keep the paws warm and dry. Boots are made in many styles and using modern materials so you can find sporty and fashionable pieces as well. Whichever you choose, make sure they are waterproof, comfy and cozy. 

Here are our top recommendations:

Last but not least, be more cautious about the time spent outside during winter. If your dog shivers, whines, seems to be anxious or stops playing these are clear signs of time to go home. 

Enjoy winter with your furry family members and have a lot of fun.