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Strong Fabric Dog Muzzle

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Oxford Cloth Anti Barking Chew Dog Muzzles Strap Adjustable Pet Mouth Mask Muzzle Design Anti-biting Dog Mouth For Dogs Cats Safety Tool
  • Size 1 Fabric Dog Muzzle
  • This muzzle is great for top handlers, trainers, and other professionals to work with strong, forceful dogs
  • Snout Measurement: 4.7-inch/ 11.94-cm
  • Top length: 1.7-inch/ 4.32-cm
  • Bottom Length: 3.1-inch/ 7.87-cm
  • Material: Strong fabric nylon
  • Features finished inner seams for extra support
  • Fully adjustable strap and quick-release buckle
  • Difficult for dogs to remove with their paws
  • Helps stop dogs from biting, barking, and chewing
  • Soft and comfortable to dogs